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Zerbatone Mining’s technical managerial team has executed a number of projects in different sectors and environment. We are competent and qualified to engage and execute projects in the following below-mentioned services

Ledging & Stoping

Zerbatone Mining extracts the desired ore or other minerals as specified by the client from underground mines, leaving behind stopes.  This also includes white area stoping.

Sub/Re-Development /Primary Development

Zerbatone Mining’s development/primary development mining practices is composed of excavating the non-valuable waste rock in order to gain access to the orebody.  We also do sub development of mines.

Sweeping and Vamping

Zerbatone Mining’s Vamping and Sweeping service aims to recover the higher grade materials left in stopes, thereby reducing costs, increasing productivity as well as increasing value yield for our clients.


Zerbatone Mining has teams available that are competent to equip new workplaces with the relevant tools and expertise.

Haulage Maintenance

Zerbatone Mining undertakes maintenance of the loading cars from chutes on the haulage and intermediate levels, hand-tramming, locomotive haulage, scraper and conveyor-belt transportation.

Opencast Mining

Zerbatone Mining is able to undertake open-cast mining for clients in order to extract either rocks or minerals from open pits or borrows.

Underground Civils and Construction

Zerbatone Mining has been involved in various underground civil and construction projects.

MQA Accreditation Training (Comp A, B and Rock breaking)

Zerbatone Mining has been accredited for competent A, B and rock breaking training with MQA since 2017.

Belt Installation & Maintenance

Zerbatone Mining has successfully been involved in belt installation and maintenance over the last few years.

Why choose us

Zerbatone Mining has a successful track record with a dedicated hardworking and qualified project team.  For a reliable black owned mining company choose Zerbatone.


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